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Corporate Partnerships

Partner with us to positively influence the health care profession of diabetes care and education.

Become an ADCES Corporate Partner

If you’re in the diabetes health care industry, consider a health care partnership with ADCES®. We have a variety of unique educational and promotional opportunities to help your company's achieve specific goals and of course, help our members and the people they treat.

We offer industry-leading diabetes education for health care professionals and people with diabetes. Our team of instructional design experts work collaboratively with our partners to structure and implement effective diabetes education, tools and resources.

Listen to Conversations on Diabetes Care With Our Corporate Partners

Health Care Partnerships

Helping Our Health Care Partners Achieve Their Goals

Reach the right people. ADCES is an interdisciplinary professional membership organization with more than 12,000 influencers and prescribers including professional nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and others dedicated to improving prediabetes, diabetes and cardiometabolic care through innovative education, management and support.

We are home to a diverse network of HCPs working to optimize care and reduce the risk of complications for people with and at risk of diabetes. We support an integrated care model approach that may lower the cost of care, improve experiences for people with diabetes and HCPs, and position members as leaders to ensure effective outcomes.

A recent ADCES National Practice Survey reported diabetes care and education specialists (DCES) are highly influential in diabetes care decisions from medication-taking, device integration and person-centered care to delivery of care. 

The DCES has a significant impact on key aspects of diabetes care.

The survey finds the DCES to be influential in the following areas: 

  • Therapeutics: medication taking (92%), insulin initiation (86%), insulin titration (88%), medication affordability or assistance (85%)
  • Devices: monitoring and data interpretation (90%), integration of devices into practice (84%), medication delivery device selection (81%)
  • Person-centered care: healthy eating recommendations (97%), physical activity recommendations (96%), stress reduction (93%), peer support referrals (83%)
  • Delivery of care: telehealth integration (80%), community collaboration (86%)

Corporate Partner Support

We focus on outcomes that help our corporate partners achieve their business objectives. We can help you:

●  Achieve your education 
●  Contribute to better health management for people with diabetes
●  Deliver CE/CME and other continuing education compliant programs


We provide a wide range of services in a variety of formats, such as live programming, electronic media and print publications. Our resources and opportunities include:

●  CE and non-CE Educational Programs
●  Patient Resources
●  Enduring Materials
●  Thought Leader Summits
●  Public Awareness Campaigns
●  Podcasts and Videocasts
●  Promotional Initiatives
●  Product Launches
●  Webinars & More


We can also develop custom opportunities based on your specific needs. Contact us to talk about it.


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Join IAC

Enhance DCES Practice with an IAC Health Care Partnership

The ADCES Industry Allies Council (IAC) was established in 2006 from industry partner requests. Participation on IAC highlights a commitment to the DCES community and dedication for advancing our mission to empower health care professionals with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional diabetes education, management and support.

This mutually beneficial corporate partnership is intended to support the organizational goals of both ADCES and IAC members. It provides a forum for discussion with ADCES leadership, access to strategic information prior to public release and opportunities for higher visibility among ADCES members.

A special thanks to our corporate partners for continuing to champion our strategies and support our initiatives.

IAC Members

Recognizing Our Current Industry Allies Council Members

We are grateful for the time, ideas and efforts of our IAC members. Please consider joining this group of health care professionals dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes.


As a global leader in diabetes care, Abbott is constantly working to deliver the highest quality products and unwavering support to our customers.

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Embecta (formerly part of BD) is a global medical technology company singularly focused on improving the lives of people living with diabetes.

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Dexcom empowers people to take control of diabetes through innovative continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems. Founded in 1999 Dexcom has emerged as a leader of diabetes care technology and strives to simplify and improve diabetes management.

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Insulet Corporation

Insulet Corporation is an innovative medical device company dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes.

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Lilly has been a global leader in diabetes care since 1923. Today, through research and collaboration, a wide range of therapies, and a continued commitment to providing real solutions—they strive to make life better for people affected by diabetes.

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Medtronic Diabetes works with the global community to change the way people manage diabetes, committing to transform diabetes care by expanding access, integrating care and improving outcomes.

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Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a global health care company that brings innovation and leadership in diabetes care.

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Sanofi is a global life sciences company committed to improving access to health care and supporting the people they serve throughout the continuum of care.

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Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Xeris Pharmaceuticals, maker of Gvoke HypoPen(r) (glucagon injection), is proud to be the first to develop liquid glucagon. We believe our technology can profoundly impact patients’ lives. We're also studying other ways our technology can impact patients.

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Corcept Therapeutics

Corcept Therapeutics is engaged in the discovery and development of medications to treat severe endocrinologic, oncologic, metabolic and neurologic disorders by modulating the effects of the hormone cortisol.

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Advertise in our Journals

Take advantage of print and digital advertising in our two journals:

The Science of Diabetes Self-Management and Care (TSO) is the official journal of the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists. It's a peer-reviewed, bimonthly publication that publishes papers on aspects of patient education and professional education, and serves as a reference for the art and science of diabetes management.

The Science of Diabetes Self-Management and Care rate card

ADCES in Practice is a bimonthly, peer-reviewed publication that serves as a reference source for the heart, art and science of diabetes self-management education, and provides practical tools and strategies that directly apply current research and best practices.

ADCES in Practice rate card

Favorably Reviewed

Strengthen Your Educational Materials with Our Mark of Approval

Bring credibility and expertise to your educational materials with the ADCES Favorably Reviewed logo. Displaying this logo demonstrates that practicing diabetes care and education specialists have reviewed the material and determined that the content is accurate, appropriate for the audience, and the language used is person-centered and written at the appropriate literacy level.

The Favorably Reviewed logo is widely recognized as a seal of quality by health professionals, health care media, medical companies and health care organizations.

ADCES Favorably Reviewed is an inter-professional evaluation process that critiques and improves educational materials for healthcare professionals or people with prediabetes, diabetes and cardiometabolic conditions. 

Our expert peer reviewers evaluate and enrich printed materials, websites, videos and more. We do not review products or publications that endorse specific brands or materials that are not of an educational nature.

Inter-professional reviewers who actively practice in the field of diabetes care and education, including nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, identify inaccuracies and suggest changes in language needed to improve the literacy level and avoid the perception of stigma or bias.

The reviewers score your products based on set guidelines and also evaluate:

●  Accuracy and assessment that content is evidence-based diabetes information
●  Readability and grade level of printed materials using the SMOG readability scale
●  Diversity in culture, gender and body weight
●  Appropriateness for target audience
●  Language use such as person-centered and strengths-base

We'll provide you with an in-depth summary of the reviewers’ scores, comments and mandatory corrections, as well as recommended changes to improve the quality and cohesiveness of your materials.

Once you’ve refined your product to meet the specifications in your summary, you can use the ADCES Favorably Reviewed logo on your materials. We will provide you with the logo that contains the expiration date, which is one to two years from the date issued.

Please email your request to [email protected].

Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you to set up a time to discuss the content to be reviewed, fees, timeline and next steps. Fees are determined based on the amount and type of content and the time involved for review.

Member List Rentals for Direct Mail and Email

Reach your target audience by renting a direct mail and/or email list of our members including nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dietitians, pharmacists and other health care professionals. They're on the front line in the fight against diabetes and are key influencers in the purchase decisions.

Approved companies can promote products and services that are relevant to over 30,000 diabetes care and education specialists with our multichannel direct marketing resources.


How to Order Lists

Direct mail and email lists can be ordered by member/nonmember universe count, geographic area, position, professional status, practice setting and more. We do not provide phone numbers.

For more information, contact Medical Marketing Service, Inc. (MMS) at 800-633-5478 or [email protected].

Ask About List Rentals