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Diabetes Prevention Programs

Expand the breadth of your services and improve the health of your community with the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) lifestyle change program.

Improve Health Outcomes With a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

There are 96 million American adults—over 1 in 3—with prediabetes, a high-risk condition that can lead to heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. By adopting a CDC-recognized diabetes lifestyle change program in your hospital, health center or community, you can help people prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. We offer multiple ways to help you reach and serve this critical population, including individual and group training. 

National DPP

Scaling the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program

From 2012 through September 2023, we've worked alongside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to scale and sustain the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) through two cooperative agreements. We trained over 2,000 lifestyle coaches and activated more than 70 programs across 22 states, which included large hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, federally qualified health centers and DSMES providers in a variety of care settings.

Over the past 12 years, we helped organizations build successful and sustainable CDC-recognized type 2 diabetes prevention programs by offering technical assistance, support, training and resources. We worked alongside these organizations, helping thousands of people to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. Watch our video to learn more.

We've also developed a booklet to help accredited DSMES programs integrate the National DPP lifestyle change program into their established DSMES services.

Fast-Track Application for Accredited & Recognized DSMES Programs

New rules starting in 2024 will make it easier for ADCES's DEAP programs and ADA's ERP programs to become a Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) supplier. Instead of having to collect data for 12-18 months, DSMES programs can now achieve that status quickly based on their experience.

Also, check out our booklet that helps accredited programs add the MDPP to their list of services.

Learn About the Fast-Track Process

Diabetes Prevention Program Training

Individual Training – ADCES Lifestyle Coach

We can train you and/or your staff to become ADCES®-trained lifestyle coaches through our basic and advanced lifestyle coach training. We can also help you build and sustain a diabetes prevention program that fits with your other services.

Organizational Training – Customized Packages

We customize training packages for health departments, primary care associations, and other national partners that address common challenges such as recruiting and retaining participants and reaching priority populations. Your organization will get one-on-one assistance creating a detailed plan that gets you started in diabetes prevention.

Individual Training

Lifestyle Coach Training for Diabetes Prevention Programs

If you're working in diabetes care and education, you can become an ADCES-trained lifestyle coach that helps your community members increase activity, eat healthy, manage stress, build self-monitoring skills and cut their risk of type 2 diabetes in half. 

Lifestyle coaches are peer educators, community health workers and diabetes care and education specialists trained in CDC’s PreventT2 curriculum and working within CDC-recognized diabetes prevention programs. With ADCES lifestyle coach training, you’ll learn how to provide person-centered care, collaborate across the diabetes care team and use innovative strategies to enroll, engage and retain your diabetes prevention program participants.  

Two DPP Training Programs: Basic & Advanced 

We offer two types of diabetes lifestyle coach training: one for those who are starting out as lifestyle coaches and one for current coaches who want to enhance their skills in motivational interviewing, address social determinants of health (SDOH) and help program participants achieve their health goals. Programs are offered in English and Spanish, both in-person and online.   

We’ve trained more than 2,000 lifestyle coaches in our person-centered, empowering approach to supporting lifestyle change. As a lifestyle coach, you’ll receive comprehensive lifestyle coach training and ongoing support to assess your competencies and enhance your skills as well as providing resources to help your program participants live healthier lives. Learn about our approach to lifestyle coach training.

We offer both in-person and online lifestyle coach training for health professionals.

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Organization Training

Diabetes Prevention Programs for Health Care Organizations

If you’re a health care organization, you can implement and sustain a diabetes prevention program (DPP) that fits with your other services, improves the health of your community and makes financial sense for your organization. We’ll work with you to apply for CDC recognition, start your first cohorts, overcome challenges and make prevention work in your local communities.

For the past 10 years, we’ve worked with nearly 100 hospital systems, federally qualified health centers, small community-based organizations and everyone in between, helping them learn how to develop their diabetes prevention programs, maximize revenue from Medicare, Medicaid and private payors, and find a pathway to diabetes prevention sustainability.

Why not join them and learn how organizations across the country are making it happen? Our Building Your Diabetes Prevention Program workshop provides the tools you need to build a sustainable program that is integrated with your diabetes care, chronic care management and community health initiatives.

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National DPP Support

Whether you’re expanding your services into underserved areas, removing barriers to participation, boosting retention rates or providing advanced training for lifestyle coaches, we’ll work alongside you to provide training, technical assistance, content development, evaluation and consulting to help you accomplish your goals.

Our many years of experience have taught us how to build and sustain diabetes prevention programs in communities across the country. We offer a blend of programs that address issues common to both diabetes prevention and diabetes self-management.

For more information about how we can help state health departments and other partners achieve their 2320 goals, including building capacity for the diabetes care workforce, contact us

DPP Testimonial

ADCES staff provided us with the tools we needed to make our DPP Lifestyle Coach Training and Diabetes Education Programs successful.

Lainey Faulkner, CPTA

Kansas Dept. of Health & Environment