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Renewing Your BC-ADM Certification

Keep your Advanced Diabetes Management credential up to date.


BC-ADM Renewal

Continue Enjoying the Benefits of Having the BC-ADM

The BC-ADM® renewal process needs to be completed every five (5) years to maintain your certification status. Below is a summary of communication to renewal applicants. 

Summary of Communication to BC-ADM Renewal Applicants

As a candidate, it's your responsibility to update Meazure Learning with any changes to your contact information. Please ensure your email program will accept emails from [email protected].

Renewal Resources

  • Candidate Handbook: Your guide to everything you need to know about renewing including details pertaining to the professional development category options required for renewal and what counts towards practice hours.
  • Preceptor Documentation Form: Complete this form, and email to [email protected] to fulfill the audit requirement for category 5.

Frequently Asked Questions for Renewing Applicants

Renewal candidate must have a minimum of 1000 practice hours related to your role as an advanced diabetes manager and must be completed within the 5 years preceding the postmark on your renewal application submission. Faculty can use hours of direct clinical supervision of students for clinical practice. The direct clinical supervision must be in the certification specialty.

You will be asked, on the application, to provide the institution, supervisor, start/end date and clinical practice hours for the 1,000 total clinical hours you are reporting. Only candidates selected for audit will be asked to provide supporting documentation to verify the information provided in the application.

We advise candidates to apply up to 6 months in advance of their credential expiration and minimum of 30 days in advance, if possible.

Yes, if your certification is no more than 90 days expired. Meazure Learning charges a late fee of $50. In addition, Meazure Learning will send a request for approval to ADCES. After 90 days, the candidate will need to reapply for the exam and meet all the criteria as a new candidate.

Meazure Learning offers help to our candidates. Contact Meazure Learning by emailing [email protected] or call 919-572-6880. If you have further questions, please email ADCES at [email protected].

To retrieve your password, go to the renewal application. Near the bottom you'll see a check box for "Returning Candidate (You've lost your password). Select that option. 

If you have completed the renewal requirements when you start the application, the system will allow you to complete the renewal application earlier than your expiration time. Keep in mind that applications can be open for only 90 days. If not completed, the application will not be accepted, and you will have to resubmit the application. 

For example, if your BC-ADM certification expires at the end of the year, and you have completed all of the renewal requirements stated in the BC-ADM handbook, such as 1,000 practice hours, etc., you can renew any time in that year. The new certificate will be valid starting the first of the following year even if you complete the renewal early.

We advise candidates to apply up to 6 months in advance of their credential expiration and minimum of 30 days in advance, if possible.

Please update your contact information in the BC-ADM profile in Meazure Learning's database by contacting the Meazure Learning Customer Service main support number at 919-572-6880. You will also need to update your ADCES profile on the ADCES website.

Yes! The new Board Certified-Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM) Practice Discussion Group is now available on ADCES Connect to credential holders who are also ADCES members. Note: Your ADCES member login is required.

For example, John Doe’s current cycle is from 12/31/2022 through 12/31/2027 ends. John decided to be proactive and complete the renewal process early instead of leaving it to the last minute. For example, John’s next/new cycle starts 12/31/2022 through 12/31/2027.

Interpretation: If John submits his completed application in the early months of 2027, such as 3/31/2027, John may include CE up to five years prior – track CEs back up to 3/31/2022. That said, John could not count the CEs if they were reported in the previous five-year cycle (cannot “double dip” the CEs). Thus, the CE must be completed within this timeframe.

A candidate may submit double the hours reported in the same category for categories 1-5. Category 6 Professional service cannot be doubled. For example:

Category 1 - Continuing Education Hours: 75 hours Category 1 - Continuing Education Hours: 75 hours = 150 hours