ADCES 50th Anniversary Member Stories

Featured Member - Jerry Meece, BPharm, CDCES, FADCES, FACA

Jerry Meece, BPharm, CDCES, FADCES, FACA has been an ADCES member for thirty years. 

What does membership mean to you? 

ADCES membership is about the interactions I have with people who are as passionate as I am about making a dent in this universe of diabetes management. It's about being a part of something that makes a difference in the world, something much bigger than yourself. That collectively we can make a significant impact on how people with diabetes can have a better quality of life. 

What is your favorite part about being a diabetes care and education specialist? 

That repeatedly, I can have a significant impact on a person's life. I can give hope and guidance to someone who walked into my office and thought they could never be in control of their life again or never be reasonably healthy and show them that they can have a full and rich life with unlimited potential. 

Top five ADCES resources/programs? 

ADCES in Practice, ADCES Annual Conference, Danatech, ADCES Core Research Journal, ADCES staff (a huge resource!) 

What is one piece of advice you would give to a new diabetes care and education specialist or someone considering the profession? 

Enter this profession with the understanding that your greatest job satisfaction will come from the fact that you've helped someone live a better life. What will bring you joy in this work is that people who were lost will now have direction in their lives because of you. Learn everything you can about diabetes and how to reach people more effectively. Never stop learning in those two areas. The best advice I can give to someone new in diabetes care is the best advice I ever received when I first became a CDCES: Listen more than you talk. A LOT more.  


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