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Telehealth: Guidance and Resources to Extend Your Reach


Utilizing virtual health platforms to connect with clients can greatly expand the reach of your practice and remove many of the traditional barriers to diabetes education and support. When considering a telehealth program for your practice, it’s important to understand the many unique requirements and challenges that can arise. What technology will you utilize? How will you onboard clients? What will billing and reimbursement look like? ADCES has compiled a variety of resources to help you evaluate your needs when launching telehealth services.

Understanding Telehealth

Education for Your Practice 


Telehealth Platforms: Technical Specifications 

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There are many vendors that can facilitate telehealth services. Click the link below for a basic overview of the key functionality of the various telehealth products as reported by the vendors on their own websites. ADCES has not vetted these companies but wanted to quickly provide information for diabetes care and education specialists seeking to implement them into practice. 

Access a comparison chart for licensed platforms or unlicensed platforms for distance learning. 



Resources for People With Diabetes


Prepping for a Telehealth Appointment

Help your clients get the most out of their session with a few simple tips:

  • When you’re ready for the appointment, use a quiet room and sit in a chair rather than walk around. 
  • Have available any diabetes management tools you might use e.g. meter, medications, insulin, CGM, pump, etc.

Additional Reading

The studies below are systematic reviews; they have extensive references that include and review clinical trials. Please contact Kirsten Yehl, ADCES research manager, if you are interested in the full literature search, all 46 identified studies.
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