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There is Always a Way to Achieve a Goal

May 24, 2018, 11:15 AM


About the Author:

Guest blogger Timika Chambers is a Holistic Health Coach, Certified Diabetes Educator, and has over 18 years of experience in the nursing profession. She has served in community and hospital settings, as well as academia. Timika helps her clients design a lifestyle that is full of energy and focus, by helping them to create and eat nutritious meals, to develop a consistent physical activity regime that works for them, and by helping them to achieve balance in critical areas of their lives. Timika offers one-on-one counseling, group coaching, and presentations and training on diabetes management to lay persons and healthcare professionals. She is currently completing online healthy living programs to help others around the globe to focus on health management instead of disease management. Visit her website, Facebook, or Twitter to find out more about her services.

Many people often get discouraged and even depressed when their healthcare providers instruct them to eat healthier. There are so many myths circulating in the world about healthy eating; that it is expensive, restrictive, and time-consuming.  Diabetes educators spend a great amount of time dispelling myths and helping to set the record straight about how people can save energy, money, and time by choosing healthier ways to fuel their body now. 

Creativity is necessary when it comes to prevention. Here are a few tips I share with the people I serve to encourage savings on time, energy, and money.

  1. Inquire about days meat and produce prices are marked down
    I have found that I can often find reduced prices on meat products on certain days of the week. With this technique alone, I have been able to cut my grocery bill in half.
  2. Use apps to do a comparison shop
    Years ago, a former co-worker told my husband about a free app called FLIPP. With this app, you can receive your local store’s ads and search for items you need to see who has the lowest price. There are other apps you can use to help earn credit or money back from your purchases. Choose the app that best suits you or your client’s needs. 
  3. Use the items that are already in your pantry
    Many times, we make a list without thinking of creative ways to use what we already have. You can google search the items you have and see what recipes come up.
  4. Make a grocery list in advance
    This grocery list should be visible so that items can be added immediately to the list.  Without a list, you are susceptible to spending way more money and buying food items that you already have. Although this sounds like a simple thing to do, many people still go to the grocery store without a list.
  5. Buy bulk wisely
    Just because there is a sale on a product does not mean that you need to buy it.
  6. Cook less and enjoy life more
    Aim for cooking meals four days out of the week.  You can prepare meals in advance on Saturday to enjoy the entire weekend. 

What tips do you give your clients to help them save money?