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This is the official blog of the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists where we share recent research and professional opinions on diabetes care and education.


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If you're looking for professional opinions on diabetes care and education, you're in the right place. Perspectives on Diabetes Care is the official ADCES® diabetes care and education blog that shares helpful views on diabetes care and education. 

This is where you'll find practical tips on working with people affected by prediabetes, diabetes and related cardiometabolic conditions and the latest research and viewpoints on issues facing diabetes care and education specialists and the people they serve.



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Keeping Up with Diabetes Technology: Get the tools you need at this two-day conference

Nov 21, 2022, 14:51 PM

By Anastasia Albanese-O’Neill, PhD, APRN, CDCES

Diabetes technology is evolving so rapidly that diabetes care teams are having challenges supporting people with diabetes in technology adoption. Diabetes technology includes devices like continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, automated insulin delivery systems, connected insulin pens and pen caps, data sharing platforms, apps, and much more.

Is your practice struggling to establish a workflow to meet the growing demand for diabetes technology? Is it a constant challenge to download diabetes device data in advance of clinic and diabetes education visits? Are members of your multidisciplinary team uncertain in their knowledge of specific technology options?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I hope you are planning to attend the 2nd Annual ADCES Diabetes Technology Conference on December 9-10, 2022, where I have the privilege of sharing information about a new resource from ADCES during a session entitled, “Utilizing the ADCES Diabetes Technology Competencies to Improve Care and Education.”

In 2022, ADCES convened a panel of multidisciplinary experts and for the first time published a set of comprehensive role-based diabetes technology competencies targeted to all members of the healthcare team. These competencies are intended to support the initiation, ongoing utilization, and optimal use of diabetes technology by people with diabetes.

In this interactive session, we will explore how the 2022 ADCES diabetes technology competencies can be applied in your practice setting to improve workflow and reduce barriers to technology adoption. We’ll also hear from Dana Moreau, the ADCES staff member behind the upgraded danatech website, who will share information about future enhancements that can support diabetes technology training for you and your staff.

Dana and I hope you’ll leave this session feeling inspired, with new tools and resources to improve your workflow and increase access to technology for people living with diabetes! I’m looking forward to seeing you in December at DTC22.

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