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From Ideas to Impact: Entrepreneurship Community Launches on ADCES Connect

Feb 15, 2024, 12:26 PM

By Sarah Hormachea, MS, RD, CDCES, BC-ADM

ADCES Connect, a digital space for ADCES members to connect with their regional and special interest groups, now has a new community for seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs. Co-chaired by Sarah Hormachea (Colorado) and Baleana Watts-McGilberry (Alabama), this space offers information sharing and networking opportunities for professionals working outside the traditional settings of diabetes care and education.

What is a Community of Interest?

In a professional context, a "community of interest" (COI) within a practice group refers to a group of individuals who share common professional interests, goals or expertise within a specific field or industry. These individuals come together to form a community to collaborate, exchange ideas and support each other in their professional endeavors.

ADCES Connect provides support for a range of communities, encompassing various practice settings (such as inpatient, outpatient clinic or home health) and distinct target audiences such as those working in pediatrics with pregnant people or with people with disabilities. It also accommodates unique educational needs, including topics like plant-based eating or physical activity.

Why Engage in a Community of Interest?

Working in the diabetes care and education space requires a significant level of nuance. Specialized communities create room for meaningful discussions, allowing participants to contribute without the necessity of extensive context or background information. Leveraging collective knowledge and expertise from across the county can be a significant time-saver. Why reinvent the wheel or spend hours searching online for a solution when someone else may already have a proven answer to a similar problem?

What does the Entrepreneurship Community Have to Offer?

The Entrepreneurship Community of Interest is designed to be a vibrant space to connect innovators who are committed to making a difference in the field of diabetes care and education.

For both the seasoned entrepreneur and those just starting in their journey, this forum is a place where ideas flourish, questions find answers, and insights spark inspiration. In this unique space, members can anticipate engaging discussions on the following subjects:

  • Brand development and marketing
  • Website and social media management
  • Billing and revenue generation
  • Professional liability and business contracts
  • Creating a business model or plan
  • Valuable insights into consulting

With the increasing popularity of the “side hustle” through services like professional speaking, medical writing, digital courses or content, and consulting, this space aims to foster individual growth and contribute to the collective advancement of entrepreneurship in diabetes care and education.