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Products and Information from the Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall

Sep 8, 2011, 01:00 AM

Oops, I did it again! (Isn't that a Britany Spears song?) Well, that's what was running through my head when I returned from Annual Meeting with bags of product information from the Exhibit Hall. Anyone who has ever been to the Exhibit Hall knows what I am talking about. Every year I swear that I am NOT going to pick up “all that stuff.” But I just cannot help myself – there is just SO much info there that can help my patients!

This year my suitcase was 10 pounds over the weight limit, and I ended up having to remove a lot of the printed materials and lug them home in a tote bag (that I also got at the AM!). Here is a quick snapshot of some of the information about products that I just couldn't leave behind! 

Frio Insulin Cooling Case

This booth was swamped with educators after the keynote presentation by Dr. Nat Strand. This cooling case is very small and compact – just the right size for a pump to slip in snugly. It contains some sort of crystals, that when immersed in cool water, activate and maintain a low temperature for up to 45 hours – through the evaporation of the water. When it dries out, you simply re-soak it in water, and it is good for another 2 days. You just repeat, repeat, repeat. According to the brochure, it has been used in temperatures in excess of 120 degrees with complete success. Due to the severe heat in Texas this past month, patients, especially those who work outside, have been complaining that they have to change their pump set-ups every 2 days. I have notified all my pump patients about this amazing product. I can get back to you later with how well it worked here. Find out more here:

DelMonte Portion Plates

This booth was giving away plastic (my mom called it melamine) plates that were designed to promote the new Healthy Plate Method. These plates had colorful designs showing ½ of the plate with veggies, ¼ of the plate with meat and the other ¼ of the plate with the starchy food. Their info said to visit their website for more teaching plates, recipes, teaching materials and store tour guides. Visit

Meals to Live

This is a new brand of prepared frozen meals that are designed to be beneficial to those with specific nutritional needs. The packaging provides very clear nutritional data on the front of each package with further breakdown on the back. The product samples provided at the meeting were very tasty (I did go back for several samples, just to make sure!). I see it as another choice for those patients who do not cook and as an alternative to going out to eat. More info at They also have lots of nutritional tips on the website.

While we are on meals and food products for the person with specific nutritional needs (which actually includes all of us) other good websites are:

This is not all – I have more I would like to share with you. Look for more info next month on items to make our patients life easier and make our job of teaching more interesting.

Did you pick up anything interesting on the Exhibit Floor?