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Book Review: Should I Fire My Doctor?

Oct 8, 2015, 15:05 PM


or my blog this month I am going to do a book review. I will admit, I am not very good about reading books. I read (or a more appropriate term would be scan) journal articles daily looking for tidbits of info – if something new or intriguing catches my eye, then I might read the entire piece. Unfortunately, I am suffering from information overload and so to sit and read a the time I get home from work, I can find other things to do.

In July I attended a Diabetes conference in Corpus Christi, TX. The conference center is right on the water, so each time we walked out of the meeting rooms we were looking across the Gulf of Mexico. The sunrise over the water was absolutely beautiful. There was the usual repertoire of speakers on HTN, CVD, T1DM, ED, PDR...but one speaker really stood out. Dr. Patricia Sulak, an OB/GYN by training, presented on a program of principles that she has researched and developed. Dr. Sulak was running a busy practice at Scott and White in Temple, TX. As a medical professor, published researcher, national medical speaker, practicing physician, wife of a practicing physician (her husband is a urologist, so she jokes that between she and her husband, they got you covered below the belt), mother and patient she should have had it all.  Super Woman, Mom, MD, but she realized she was neither healthy nor happy.

As a professor and researcher, Dr.  Sulak is dedicated to finding the best and latest information on the components of scientifically proven healthy living. She discovered, professionally and personally, that how to convey and implement that information was a challenge, a challenge she decided to investigate further.

So she wrote a book about her findings. Should I Fire My Doctor? is not about actually firing your doctor, but working WITH your healthcare professional to achieve optimum health – taking responsibility for and participating in achieving a healthier YOU.

It is a very informative and inspirational book filled with Dr. Sulak’s wisdom and personal stories. She describes the process and  journey she and her husband took to better health. She emphasizes that we are all in control of our destiny and we too can begin the journey to reach the potential of what we are all capable of being.

Her book describes "eleven essential elements to health and happiness" that can assist you in taking your quality of life to even higher levels – creating a happier, healthier you. I don’t have enough space to share with you the essential elements but she does have several YouTube videos you can watch, and the book is available online.

If you are looking for an inspirational, motivational, informative book that is easy reading, consider picking up a copy. It's something to keep handy for these longer, cooler days of Fall – especially as we prepare for the Holidays which are starting this month! It might be just what you need to start out the New Year healthier and happier.

Barbara Walz

About the Author

Barbara Walz is an RN, BSN and has been a certified diabetes educator since 1986. Since 2000, Barbara has coordinated a multi-site diabetes study examining the macro-vascular effects of diabetes at the South Texas Veterans’ Healthcare System under the supervision of Dr. Ralph DeFronzo.