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Is it better to give, or to receive? That is the question...

May 21, 2012, 01:00 AM

I think the answer should be “It is better to do both with the AADE Education and Research Foundation’s Silent Auction!”  The Silent Auction has become one of the highlights of the Annual Meeting.  It is fun to give, fun to buy, and fun to watch the competition and all for a great cause.  The Silent Auction brought in almost $14,000 for the Scholarship Fund last year!

What is the Foundation?  The Foundation funds grants and scholarships for research and educational opportunities for AADE members.  For you and your peers, it means the availability of funding and financial support to attend the annual meeting (registration and/or travel); to carry out research; and acknowledgement for service and dedication, for innovation in diabetes education, and for advocacy efforts.   

How can you participate in the 5th Annual Silent Auction? To give, think of something to donate. Who doesn’t love a great piece of jewelry, a gift card, an electronic item, or a basket of spa items? “Honey, I had to get it. It was for the Foundation!” Do you know an artist, jewelry maker, or knitter who would donate an item? Think about those who you have helped who might want to give back to diabetes educators. Some of the State Coordinating Bodies (CBs) and Local Networking Groups (LNGs) put together baskets of goodies from their region.  Some of the Communities of Interest (COIs, formerly SPGs) donate items related to their interest area. I had a great time putting together my donation of a “Fun Day at the Beach” package, complete with designer sunglasses, 2 great books, and a beautiful beach bag and hat.  It was so rewarding to see a member hovering over it at the end to make sure her bid was the winner! Maybe it is better to give.  However, last year, I came away the proud owner of an LL Bean gift card from the Maine CB. Maybe it is better to receive.

This year, there is a competition for CB/LNGs.  The group that donates the item that brings in the highest bid from CB/LNGs will receive a Registration Scholarship for the 2013 Annual Meeting for a member of their group.

I already know what I am donating, but for now, it is a secret.  Shhhhh! 

If you cannot attend the Annual Meeting, you can still donate.  You can send your item directly to Indianapolis.  For more information about how to donate, and for letters and forms for contributions, contact Laura Roth Konopken, Director of Development, AADE Education and Research Foundation at (312) 601-4863 or [email protected].