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The Huddle Podcast

The Huddle: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team features perspectives, issues and updates to inform your practice and elevate your role.

Diabetes Podcast

Diabetes Care & Education Podcasts

As a member of the diabetes care team, you know professional growth can move you and the people you serve forward. The Huddle is where you'll find diabetes podcasts that share perspectives from fellow professionals on issues and updates in the field.

Our podcasts on diabetes, prediabetes and cardiometabolic care ‒ from advocacy to technology ‒ can inform your practice, elevate your role and ultimately benefit your patients. 

Find the latest episodes of our diabetes care and education podcasts on this page or on other major podcast platforms.

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Latest Diabetes Podcast Episodes


Episode Summary

Kristine Batty, APN, BC-ADM, and CDCES joins The Huddle to talk about her experience both living with Type 1 diabetes and working with people with diabetes as a CDCES, and how understanding both sides of the desk can help to optimize health outcomes.


View Kristine's video series:

Reducing Diabetes Technology Burnout (

Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Managing Expectations (

Breaking Down Diabetes Technology Barriers (

The Essentials of CGM Accuracy (


Episode Summary

Painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) can significantly impact a person with diabetes and their quality of life. Nalani Hunsaker PA-C, MCMSc, BC-ADM, a paid consultant for Medtronic, joins The Huddle to talk about Medtronic’s spinal cord stimulation therapy option, how the procedure works, and its success in relieving pain from DPN. Please reach out to to connect with a Medtronic representative today. If you would like to share more information with your patients, check out

This episode is sponsored by Medtronic.


Episode Summary

On this episode of The Huddle, Miguel Johns, Co-Founder & CEO of mmnt and creator of Milton, discusses how the use of artificial intelligence (AI) can benefit health care professionals across the diabetes space and how this technology is growing and changing. Topics include addressing some of the current opportunities and challenges associated with AI in health care, how AI can provide improved clinical decision support, and where this technology may be headed in the future.


Explore danatech here:  Diabetes technology for healthcare professionals | Danatech (

For more information on Miguel or mmnt, visit  Milton | Powered by MMNT (


Episode Summary

The decision on whether to screen yourself or loved ones for Type 1 diabetes risk can be a very personal one. In the last episode of a three-part series, we're joined by Laura Smith PhD, CDCES, and Holly O’Donnell, PhD, as they discuss the psychosocial factors to consider when talking about T1D screening — including the reasons why a person may or may not want to be screened and how to talk to children and their families about what a potential diagnosis means for them.


Learn more about the Autoimmune Screening Study in Kids here:  ASK Research Program / Autoimmunity Screening for Kids / Denver, CO (

Learn more about the Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young study here:  The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) Web Site (

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