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Improve Outcomes With DSMES

See how we're working towards reducing barriers and improving access to DSMES.

DSMES: An Essential Service for Improved Outcomes

The evidence is clear, diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) improves A1C, reduces the onset/worsening of diabetes-related complications, enhances the quality of life and fosters healthy coping strategies to decrease diabetes-related distress.

To ensure DSMES is available to every person affected by diabetes, prediabetes or other cardiometabolic conditions, it is essential that health systems, payers, providers and the diabetes care team work together to reduce barriers and improve access.

In 2020, ADCES® joined with six other healthcare organizations to co-publish a consensus report outlining compelling evidence for the increased utilization of DSMES.

Consensus Report

Diabetes Self-management Education and Support in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: A Consensus Report

The consensus report was developed by authors from ADCES, the American Diabetes Association, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American Academy of PAs, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Pharmacists Association. The joint effort provides details on the four key times to implement DSMES and specific recommendations for both clinicians and the health system to increase access to and participation in DSMES services.

Key Points Addressed in This Report

  • Evidence on the value of DSMES in adults with type 2 diabetes
  • The four key times to implement DSMES services
  • Specific recommendations for payers, providers and health systems to improve access and utilization of DSMES
  • Importance of medical nutrition therapy (MNT) in a diabetes management plan
  • Guidance to reduce or remove barriers to DSMES referral and participation

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Advocate DSMES With This Presentation

Advocate for referrals to DSMES in your health system, practice group and community with a customizable PowerPoint presentation from the 2020 Consensus Report.

English version

Spanish version

Diabetes Care and Education Resources


Optimizing Care With Diabetes Education: A Consensus Report

Evidence shows diabetes education works, but to increase utilization it takes a collaborative approach. Maggie Powers, PhD, RD, CDCES and Joan Bardsley, MBA, RN, CDCES, FAADE walk us through the recent work by ADCES and several other organizations. This podcast is from the 2020 ADCES Virtual Annual Conference: Advocating for the 4 Critical Times for DSMES with Primary Care Providers. 

Listen to the Podcast

4 Key Times to See a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

The evidence is clear, diabetes education improves A1C, reduces the worsening of diabetes-related complications, enhances the quality of life and fosters healthy coping strategies to decrease diabetes-related distress. It’s never a bad time to book an appointment with a diabetes care and education specialist, but there are a few times in your life when seeing one is extra important. 

Watch the Video

Thrive With Diabetes Through Self-Management Education and Support

A diabetes care and education specialist can help increase the quality of life for people with diabetes by focusing on seven self-care behaviors. Share the benefits of diabetes self-management education and support, and download this flier to distribute to providers, health systems and others in your network.

Download the Flier