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Reap the Benefits of ADCES Membership

Become an ADCES member, and see how you and your patients benefit from our diabetes care and education resources.

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ADCES Membership

Enhance Diabetes Care With ADCES Benefits

If you’re a health care professional caring for people affected by diabetes, prediabetes and related cardiometabolic conditions, ADCES® membership gives you the tools and resources to deliver the best care possible. Our resources help existing and aspiring dietitians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and other health care industry professionals influence positive change and achieve better clinical outcomes.

As an ADCES member, you’ll get access to many benefits, including continuing education, networking opportunities, and exclusive discounts on a wide variety of programs and products. Why start from scratch and do all the work yourself when we have over 50 years of experience delivering effective diabetes care and education solutions to the diabetes care team?

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ADCES Member Benefits

ADCES Benefits for the Diabetes Care Team

ADCES membership offers many practical tools and resources to help you deliver the best diabetes care and education possible. Take a look at the many benefits you’ll receive as an ADCES member.  

More than 30 hours of free continuing education

Members have access to more than 30 hours of free CE/CME including webinars, online courses and certificate programs. Plus, additional CE/CME programs are for free available each quarter.

Continuing education, product and event discounts

Members can purchase many ADCES publications, webinars, online courses, CORE Concepts® (live and online) and much more at significantly reduced rates from our online store.

Free practice resources and patient handouts

Access a variety of tools and resources designed for both the diabetes care professional and the person with diabetes and prediabetes.

Subscriptions to The Science of Diabetes Self-Management and Care and ADCES in Practice

Members receive free subscriptions to our peer-reviewed journals, one focusing on research and the other on practice: The Science of Diabetes Self-Management and Care Journal and ADCES in Practice.

Ask the reimbursement expert

Do you have a concern about Medicare reimbursement or private payor coverage? Log in and  ask the ADCES Reimbursement Expert.

Diabetes technology resources

Danatech® is our robust technology website with up-to-date diabetes technology education, resources and innovations. It's your one-stop source for everything you need to know about diabetes devices and technology. 

Annual conference registration savings

Members save up to $100 on registration for the ADCES annual conference. Make plans to attend each year in August. 

State and local networking via our member website

Expand your network and expertise by communicating with peers in state and local networking groups and participating in our topic-specific communities of interest through ADCES Connect.

Diabetes care and education specialist job opportunities

Create your profile and begin looking for job opportunities for diabetes care and education specialists.

Capella University partnership

Our partnership with Capella University offers ADCES members and their immediate family members a 10% discount on online doctoral, master's, bachelor's and certificate programs.

Insurance discounts

Members receive discounts on medical malpractice / professional liability insurance, risk management information, and LTD, AD&D and term life insurance through Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HSPO). Get a free, no-obligation quote for malpractice insurance.

Membership Options

ADCES Member Types & Rates

ADCES members are primarily diabetes care and education specialists who provide care, education and support to people with diabetes, those who are affected by or are at risk of developing diabetes and related cardiometabolic conditions. Members can also be health care professionals who work with people who have diabetes and want to stay up to date on the latest in diabetes treatments and technologies.  

Our members are dedicated to helping individuals make healthier lifestyle choices which can lead to better clinical outcomes and improved health status. Since this is an interdisciplinary specialty, our members are typically nurses, nurse practitioners, dietitians and pharmacists but can come from any profession that has patients with diabetes.

Active Member

$180 Annual Membership Dues

A health care professional with an interest in the development, delivery or administration of diabetes care and education or in diabetes research.

An active member has the right to vote, make nominations, serve on committees and other privileges as determined by the Board of Directors. An active member who is employed by a company that is in the business of sales or marketing of diabetes pharmaceuticals, supplies or equipment is not eligible to stand for national elective office or a directorship position.

Associate Member

$180 Annual Membership Dues

A person with an interest or involvement in diabetes care and education who does not qualify for other member categories.

An associate member has the right to vote, make nominations and serve on committees. An associate member is not entitled to stand for a national elective office or hold a directorship position.

Industry Member

$200 Annual Membership Dues

A non-health care professional who is employed by a company that is in the business of sales or marketing of pharmaceuticals, supplies, equipment or services to the diabetes market.

An industry member is not entitled to vote, make nominations, stand for elective office, serve on committees or hold a directorship position.

International Member

$180 Annual Membership Dues

A health care professional with an interest in the development, delivery or administration of diabetes care and education or diabetes research who is not a U.S. citizen or resident.

An international member has the right to vote, make nominations, serve on − but not chair − committees. An international member is not entitled to stand for a national elective office or to hold a directorship position. 

To join as an international member, call us at 1.800.338.3633, x3. 

Student Member

$50 Annual Membership Dues

Any full-time student or trainee in a health profession program. Student membership is granted after receiving evidence of full-time enrollment in a health profession program: 12 or more credit hours for an undergraduate student; nine or more hours for a graduate student.

Student members have the right to vote, to make nominations, and serve on − but not chair − committees. Student members are not entitled to stand for a national elective office or hold a directorship position. 

To become a student member, call us 1.800.338.3633, x3 and provide student status verification.

Other ADCES Membership Pricing Options

Multi-year Option: Active, associate and international members can pay for two-year ($360) or three-year ($540) memberships. Select the two- or three-year option when you join online.

Installment Option: Active, associate and international members can pay in monthly installments of $15. Select the installment option when you join online. The installment program includes annual auto renewal.

Group Discount: Organizations with five or more members can receive a discounted rate of $30 per member. To receive your group membership discount, contact us at [email protected] or 1.800.338.3633, x3.

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Member Testimonials

My favorite part of being an ADCES member is being part of a larger community that advocates for the needs of all people with diabetes and constantly strives to enhance lives through optimal care.

Amy Carter, MA, RDN, LD, CDCES

I love the ADCES community and having so many opportunities to learn from the experiences and best practices of others who are wholeheartedly dedicated to improving the lives of those of us with diabetes.

Brooke Cassoff, NBC-HWC

Membership means access to cutting-edge resources and connections with peers who are passionate about what they do. I love that the organization brings together many different practitioners—nurses, pharmacists, physicians, dietitians and more.

Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDCES, FAND

ADCES membership is about the interactions I have with people who are as passionate as I am about making a dent in the universe of diabetes management. Collectively we can make an impact on how people with diabetes can have a better quality of life.

Jerry Meece