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New Online Course Update and a Rare Publications Sale

Online Course

Updated! ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors®

The ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors® Online Course is updated! This new edition aligns with the 2024 ADA Standards of Care in Diabetes and features a new, more interactive format with enduring materials. Complete this course to understand each of the seven ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors, and better understand the approach to a self-empowered model of care for the person with diabetes.

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ADCES Publications Sale

We never do this! Now through May 31, 2024 we’re giving you 20% off two of our premier publications: Quick Guide to Medications, 13th edition and ADCES Diabetes Care and Education Curriculum, 3rd edition. Order yours before time runs out!* Use code SAVE20 at checkout.

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Online Diabetes Education

Diabetes Continuing Education ‒ Online Courses & Recorded Webinars

Expand your learning with a diabetes online education course or recorded webinar on the latest topics in diabetes care and education. Topics include gestational diabetes, cardiometabolic health, cultural competency, technology, recent guidelines and treatment updates, diabetes CORE Concepts® and more.

Recorded Webinar

Obesity: The Treatment Landscape

Address epidemiology and basic pathophysiology of obesity, particularly that of why it's hard to lose weight and maintain weight loss. Lifestyle interventions and medication management strategies will be addressed, and medications on the horizon will be introduced to the audience. 

1.5 CE/CME
About This Course
Recorded Webinar

Introduction to Insulin Pumps and the NEW PANTHER Program Insulin Pump Settings Tool

Review the basics of insulin pump therapy and basal and bolus pump settings, discuss the different pump models that are currently available in the US, and review use of the PANTHER Program’s new Insulin Pump Settings Tool to determine insulin pump settings. 

About This Course
Recorded Webinar

2024 ADA Standards of Care in Diabetes

Discuss the components of diabetes care, general treatment goals and guidelines, and tools to evaluate quality of care. This 90-minute webinar, delivered by two members of the ADA Professional Practice Committee tasked with updating the Standards, will review the most recent updates to the standards of care.

1.5 CE/CME
About This Course
Recorded Webinar

Introducing AspyreRx™: The First-ever FDA-authorized Prescription Digital Therapeutic for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes

Learn how AspyreRx™ can help your patients make and maintain positive behavior changes to improve their type 2 diabetes (T2D). AspyreRx delivers a novel form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), tailored specifically for managing and treating T2D. And it's conveniently accessible on a smartphone. Gain valuable insights into the mechanism of action and the clinical data. Free to ADCES members and nonmembers.

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Online Course

Clinical Aspects of Diabetes Education

Build a foundation of clinical knowledge of diabetes and its complications and identify opportunities for diabetes education interventions. 

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Recorded Webinar

Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Setting the Stage for a New Standard of Care in the Hospital

Discuss the evolution of real-time continuous glucose monitoring (RT-CGM) in the hospital, highlight best practices for implementation in non-critical and critical care units, describe the components of a glucose telemetry system, and explain the utility of a hybrid CGM and point-of-care protocol. 

1.5 CE/CME
About This Course
Recorded Webinar

Annual Reimbursement Update for 2024

Discuss how to maintain appropriate reimbursement for DSMT or DPP programs and understand reimbursement changes for 2024 to maintain diabetes self-management education and diabetes prevention programs.

1.5 CE/CME
About This Course
Recorded Webinar

Behavioral Health Strategies in Diabetes Management

Address and overcome psychosocial barriers in clinical practice and be able to identify when a referral to a behavioral health specialist is appropriate. Plus, gain the tools and resources needed to manage these concerns in-practice more effectively.

1.5 CE/CME
About This Course

ADCES Webinars & Events

Join Live Webinars & Virtual Events

Keep up with the latest topics in diabetes education and management by participating in a virtual ADCES® course or live webinar. Topics include recent guideline updates for treatment and medications, technology, population health, DSMES, cardiometabolic health, lifestyle coach training, CORE Concepts® (online) and more.

In-Person Events

Attend In-Person ADCES Events

Dive deep with in-person ADCES events. Whether you’re looking for a crash course in building your own diabetes education program, searching for networking opportunities or preparing to earn or renew credentials, we offer in-person events that can help you achieve your goals.


Annual Conference

ADCES24 registration and housing is now open! Join us August 9-12, 2024 in New Orleans, LA.

Join peers from around the country to discover the premiere diabetes care and education event of the year, network and gain practice pearls. 

Can't make it in-person? Register for On-Demand to access a variety of key sessions from the live program. Available August 26-October 28!

About Annual Conference

CORE Concepts Course

Explore the essential components of diabetes care and education along with tools and strategies for assuring successful outcomes of the ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors®. Many participants use this course as part of their preparation for the Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) exam. As an added bonus, all CORE Concepts attendees receive access to an online CDCES exam test-taking strategies module and CDCES exam practice questions. 

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ADCES National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach Training

Acquire the necessary skills to deliver a successful National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) at your site. ADCES is approved by the CDC to provide introductory, advanced and master training for lifestyle coaches to deliver CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs. Additional information on staffing your CDC-recognized diabetes prevention organization can be found on the CDC website. ADCES members can apply for scholarships to attend our in-person lifestyle coach trainings.


Diabetes Technology From danatech

Danatech®, powered by ADCES, supports the learning and assessment needs of healthcare professionals with up-to-date diabetes technology product information, device training, professional education and more.

Device Training

Find live and recorded webinars on specific CGMs, AIDs and other new diabetes technology devices. Live webinars include Q&A time help answer your specific questions.

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Updated CGM Certificate Program

This assessment-based certificate program provides a current CGM landscape review, the pros and cons of available devices, matching people with diabetes to the best device for them, overcoming barriers to implement CGM in practice, and reviewing and interpreting data to improve glycemic management.

View All Tech Courses

Point-of-Care Practice Tools

Point-of-Care CGM and AID Clinic Tools are fillable Adobe Acrobat forms that can be used by clinicians in the moment of a clinic encounter to provide optimal diabetes care to device users. These tools were made available as part of a partnership between danatech and the Panther Program.


View AID Tools

Basal Insulin Titration

The ability to titrate basal insulin arms health care professionals with a valuable tool to enhance the precision and efficacy of diabetes care, promoting better long-term health outcomes.

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Team Training

Offer a Diabetes Training Program

ADCES delivers comprehensive diabetes education and prevention learning opportunities for groups through our Diabetes Team Training program. Plan and host an event at your facility with personalized consultations, customized programming, various learning modalities and administrative reporting to track completion progress. 

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Books & Publications

Augment Learning With Publications

ADCES books and publications support your practice with relevant, research-backed content from experts in diabetes care and education who have hands-on experience.

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Certificate Programs

Earn Certificates to Enhance Competencies

Advance your skillset on a particular topic with ADCES certificate programs. Choose from a variety of certificates and assessment-based learning programs to suit individuals or entire practice teams.

The Art of Telehealth

6.5 CE/CME

Free to members | $159 Nonmember 

Gain insight into how skillfully delivering virtual care offers many benefits to your practice and clients.

Telehealth offers many benefits to your practice and clients. After this course, you'll have an understanding of how to effectively utilize data from diabetes devices and patient-generated health data during a telehealth visit. You'll also be equipped with best practices for applying telehealth regulations and proper coding for reimbursement for providing telehealth services in your practice. Earn a digital badge upon completion. 

More About This Certificate

Diabetes Community Care Coordinator


$185 member | $230 nonmember 

Designed for non-clinicians, this certificate program dives into the diagnosis and disease state of prediabetes and diabetes, complications, comorbidities and basic clinical guidelines for care. 

Then learn skills to apply each module of the ADCES7 Self-care BehaviorsTM Framework into practice, including healthy coping, monitoring, reducing risks, problem solving and more. Plus, understand how person-centered care enhances your practice and outcomes for people with diabetes. 

More About This Certificate

Clinicians, Non-Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

12.75 CE/CME

$505 member | $605 nonmember 

Designed for clinicians new to diabetes care and education, this certificate program encourages familiarity with the ADCES competencies and treating people with diabetes.

Hear from a mix of nurses, pharmacists, and dieticians to get perspectives across the care team, and understand the clinical aspects of diabetes, as well as aspects of self-care, such as healthy eating, healthy coping and problem solving. 

More About This Certificate

Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

Designed for health care professionals with at least of 2-3 years of professional practice experience in diabetes care and education.

This certificate focuses on new competencies for diabetes care and education specialists and diabetes community care coordinators (formerly known as paraprofessionals). 

This course is currently being updated and will be available later this year. 

Putting Continuous Glucose Monitoring into Practice: Certificate Program (2nd Edition)


Free to members | $39.99 nonmember

Overcome barriers to implement CGM in your practice, understand CGM coding and reimbursement, and learn how to best match a person with diabetes to a device. 

DSMES Program and Business Management


$329 Member | $429 Nonmember

Advance your DSMES service to operate as a business by gaining a deeper understanding of the business, marketing, reimbursement and quality improvement techniques needed to implement and sustain a DSMES program. 

Person-Centered Care for Individuals who have Higher Weight

6.75 CE/CME  

$109 Member | $159 Nonmember

Educate the entire diabetes care team on best practices to provide non-stigmatizing care for higher weight individuals.

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Free CE/CME for ADCES Members

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