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BlueStar is an FDA-cleared digital health solution that provides people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes automated, real-time, tailored, coaching and support. BlueStar tracks and analyzes BG, BP, food, activity, sleep, weight, and medications. With a prescription, BlueStar also includes an insulin dose calculator.  BlueStar includes coaching for multiple chronic conditions.

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Comprehensive Diabetes Management:
Journal: Glucose & Meal Tracking:
Nutrition analysis:
Fitness tracking:
Device Specific:
Yes - Dexcom
Medical Profile Storage:
Insulin dosing:
Yes, when prescribed
Education :
CGM Companion App:
For ADCESs & Healthcare:
Remote Patient Monitoring:
Data Management Platforms:
HIPAA Compliant Virtual Visit Platforms:
Insulin dosing in Hospital:

FDA & Regulatory:
BlueStar is an FDA cleared Class II Medical Device.
In 2019, BlueStar was awarded the MedTech Breakthrough Award for “Best Personal Health App” and recognized by the Digital Diabetes Congress as the winner of their 2019 Mobile App Contest for Established App.
Data Sharing:
BlueStar’s SMART Visit Report can be sent directly to the patient’s care team at any time, supporting remote monitoring and efficient interactions with the patient.
Platforms & Modalitiy:
BlueStar can be used on any internet connected device including smartphones, tablets, and computers. BlueStar is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.
Security & Privacy:
BlueStar is FDA cleared, HIPAA compliant. BlueStar has also achieved the highest, most-stringent certification for security and privacy - SOC2 certification.
Cost & Payment:
BlueStar is covered by numerous health plans throughout the U.S. and pricing varies by plan. Patients need an access code from their provider or health plan to access BlueStar. BlueStar does NOT require a prescription except for use of the insulin calculator.
More Details:
  • BlueStar U, a self-management curriculum powered by ADCES, provides on-demand, contextualized education based on the ADCES7 ™ self-care behaviors.
  • It provides both real-time and longitudinal feedback to promote positive health behaviors.
  • Weekly messages provide summarized data to support problem-solving for self-management.
  • 25,000+ unique, tailored real-time feedback messages can be served up to patients with BlueStar’s artificial intelligence engine.
  • BlueStar links to ADCES’s “Find an Educator” and has an “Ask the Educator” chat feature allowing patients to access their educator directly within the app.
  • BlueStar aligns and informs a patient’s current care team through comprehensive and intuitive data reporting.
  • These “SMART Visit Report” can be sent directly to the patient’s care team and allows clinicians to spend more quality and impactful time with patients.

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