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My Diabetes Home is a personalized web-app for complete diabetes self-management, where patients can track and manage Sugars, Meds, Labs, Activity, and Health Appointments on any device. The Diabetes Educator Platform allows diabetes care and education specialists to hold patient visits, see patient data in real-time, and communicate easily within a HIPAA compliant system

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Comprehensive Diabetes Management:
Journal: Glucose & Meal Tracking:
Nutrition analysis:
Fitness tracking:
Device Specific:
Medical Profile Storage:
Insulin dosing:
Education :
CGM Companion App:
For ADCESs & Healthcare:
Remote Patient Monitoring:
Data Management Platforms:
HIPAA Compliant Virtual Visit Platforms:
Insulin dosing in Hospital:

Data Sharing:
Patients can share their information using downloadable, printable reports or use the My Diabetes Home – Diabetes Educator Platform to allow access to their providers & caregivers.
Platforms & Modalitiy:
My Diabetes Home is mobile friendly and will work on any device.
Security & Privacy:
My Diabetes Home takes measures to protect the confidentiality and security of patient data. Patient data is stored and retrieved using the latest encryption methods on state-of-the-art cloud software. Security is re-assessed frequently
Cost & Payment:
My Diabetes Home has 2 different pricing structures. Free - Access to most features Premium - (3.99/month OR 39.99/year) Access to all features The patient can use My Diabetes Home on their own, there is no prescription or license needed.
More Details:
 Sugar Tracking Made Easy!
  • Upload sugars directly from a meter
  • Understand sugar trends with easy to read charts & graphs
  • Patients can access their A1C at any time (and see an estimated A1C)
  • Keep on track & prevent complications with consistent logging
Get More out of Appointments!
  • Patients go ready to appointments with individualized reports (Visit Optimizer & Pre-visit Checklist)
  • No more forgotten questions & instructions with appointment notes
  • Get all labs & meds automatically through EMR imports
  • All appointments & health team managed and viewed in one place
Medication Information on the Go
  • Patient’s med list from doctor & pharmacy available to download from EMR
  • Accurate & up-to-date med list always with the patient
  • Coupons, assistance programs, & our own drug discount card
  • Patients know their meds: top 5 tips from our experts, side effects & more
Know the Numbers That Matter
  • Patients can track what matters most: A1C, blood pressure, weight & cholesterol
  • Download labs from patient’s health portals
  • Patients see progress over time with easy to read graphs
  • Take charge of the key numbers & achieve better patient health
Make Activity Count!
  • Upload activity from multiple devices (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin & more!)
  • Quickly view steps, miles, sleep, and calories
  • Analyze activity and diabetes info at the same time

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