Mytonomy is a cloud-based platform that educates, activates and empowers patients to better self-manage their health conditions. Users of Mytonomy can choose from an extensive library of videos on various topics

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FDA & Regulatory:
Mytonomy is HIPAA and SOC - 2 compliant. Our content is ADCES favorably reviewed and approved by the health institution.
Mytonomy's Patient Experience Cloud was part of a multi-center IRB study that demonstrated a 4 to 6-point increase patient activation and less negative attitudes towards insulin use in people living with Diabetes Type 2, who were new to insulin. Initial engagement rates ranged from 93-95% and persisted at 90% midway through the study. The content was tailored to a minority population and our African American / Black patients watched twice as much content as our White Non-Hispanic population.
Data Sharing:
The product shares information with the patient, caregivers and providers. Patients and caregivers receive individual information about usage, survey responses and additional recommended educational videos. Healthcare providers can access real-time reporting and analytics at the individual level and in aggregate at cohort and population levels to enable "SMART" data-driven care decisions.
Platforms & Modalitiy:
Mytonomy is a web-based solution that is mobile responsive and works with any PC, smartphones and tablets. The solution can be integrated with EMRs, mobile platforms and scheduling systems using our API. Our older adult population tends to view the Mytonomy content on laptops and PCs while our <55 years and below tend to view on their phones and tablets.
Security & Privacy:
Mytonomy is HIPAA compliant, and we follow the best practices for the protection of patient, customer and partner-sensitive information. We have signed BAAs with our provider-customers. Mytonomy successfully completed its SOC 2 Type 2 Audit for our Patient Experience Cloud® platform in accordance with attestation standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
Cost & Payment:
Mytonomy's Patient Experience Cloud is provided to patients free of charge by the health system. Hospitals and health systems pay for a license to use Mytonomy's software and content. Personalized content to be delivered to patients and patients can receive a personalized library automatically based on their responses to behavioral science questions. Hospital pricing depends on many factors including number of sites, locations and volume of patients supported and the amount of content licensed
More Details:

Mytonomy's Patient Experience Cloud enables clinicians and staff to easily engage and activate patients. We seamlessly deploy personalized, video-based microlearning content and serve as a virtual CDCES in the patients living room.

The Patient Experience Cloud includes a customizable library of educational and informational content and surveys that can be curated and deployed by care teams and accessed by patients on any mobile device or computer.

Care teams can assign patients instructions and education based on a patient's health condition or procedure. They can administer surveys to discover more about patients and further personalize a patient's education. Patients are able to access and use education that is designed for today’s modern learner – short-burst, focused, personalized, engaging video content. Previous deployments have seen over 80% of patients log in and watch content.

Organizations can track, monitor and report on patient usage and viewership to better understand patients and populations. Mytonomy has deep experience in and is at the forefront of the marriage of digital consumerism and healthcare.

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