Eversense from Senseonics

The Eversense Long-term CGM System lasts up to 180 days that is professionally placed at the doctor’s office. The wearable smart transmitter provides on-body vibe alerts even when the mobile device is not nearby, and is worn over the sensor using a daily adhesive.

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Sensor Duration:
Up to 180 days
Warmup Time:
24 hours
Approved For Children:
Indicated for 18 years and over
Share Follow Capability:
Fingerstick Calibration Required:
Yes, twice daily through day 21, then primarily once daily for the remaining 159 days of sensor wear.
Customizable Alerts Alarms:
High and low alerts. The only CGM with a smart transmitter that also provides on-body vibe alerts for high and low glucose even when the smartphone is not nearby. With the Eversense System, the user can remove the smart transmitter and put back on and continue getting a reading without replacing the sensor.

Eversense Mobile App, Eversense Data Management System (patient) Eversense Data Management System Pro (professional) Eversense NOW (remote monitoring)
MARD 8.5% in the PROMISE Study
Covered By Medicare:
Insulin Pump Compatibility:

Recommended Placement:
Inserted by a doctor under the skin of the upper arm

Additional Details:
Device is compatible with multiple Apple iOS and Android devices-see list in link-updated regularly

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