BigFoot Unity

The Bigfoot Unity Program includes the Bigfoot Unity System, smart pen caps that incorporate integrated continuous glucose monitor (iCGM) data and health care provider instructions to provide insulin dose recommendations for people with diabetes who use multiple daily injections (MDI) of insulin.  


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Bigfoot Unity Diabetes Management System includes:

  • Black Cap (Long-acting insulin)
  • White Cap (Rapid-acting insulin)
  • FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM Sensor
  • Bigfoot Blood Glucose Meter
  • Bigfoot Unity App
  • Bigfoot Clinic Hub (cloud-based, secure-provider portal)

Compatible with CGM:

  • FreeStyle Libre 2

Message for Active Insulin on White Cap, if rapid-acting insulin was taken within the past 3 hours

Correction Insulin feature: a current sensor reading displayed on White Cap is used to provide correction insulin dose recommendation.

Correction ranges and units entered into the application provides the ability to enter dose as a correction. Use of dose table or glucose target and correction factor available as options.

Device Type:
Smart Pen
Reusable Disposable:
Medicine Type:

Rapid Acting Insulins:
Eli Lilly KwikPen Humalog (U-100)
Eli Lilly KwikPen Humalog (U-200)
Lispro KwikPen
Lyumjev KwikPen (U-100)
Lyumjev KwikPen (U-200)
Sanofi SoloSTAR: Apidra
Sanofi SoloSTAR: Admelog
Novo Nordisk FlexTouch®: Fiasp® (insulin aspart injection)(U-100)
Novo Nordisk FlexPen®: NovoLog® (insulin aspart injection)(U-100)
ReliOn™ NovoLog® (insulin aspart injection)(U-100)
Aspart FlexPen (U-100)

Long Acting Insulins:
Eli Lilly KwikPen: Basaglar (U-100)
Sanofi SoloSTAR: Lantus (U-100)
Sanofi SoloSTAR: Toujeo (U-300)
Sanofi SoloSTAR: Toujeo Max (U-300)
Novo Nordisk FlexTouch®: Tresiba (U-100)
Novo Nordisk FlexTouch®: Tresiba (U-200)

Find up to date information on compatible insulins here

Insulin Type:
Dose Delivery:

1.0 Units

Largest Dose Possible:
160 units
Memory Function:
Audible Click:
Assistive Dexterity Issue Options:

Patient Resources

  • For users: Bigfoot Unity User Guide/Manual shipped in Kit
  • Ongoing, in Bigfoot Unity app, 'Learn to Use Bigfoot Unity' and 'Help and Support'

HCP Resources

Bigfoot Unity is covered by most insurance. The insurance claim is subject to deductible and/ or nominal coinsurance per your health plan terms.

ADCES Resources

    Other Programs

    For Patients

    For HCP

    Currently available only to contracted health care professionals

    Bigfoot Clinic Hub - secure online portal for healthcare professionals to be able to have a retrospective view of the PwD and population health data. Bigfoot Unity Report includes CGM data and insulin dosing information. 

    For additional clinical information, please contact Bigfoot Biomedical's Medical Affairs

    Bigfoot Unity System includes: long-acting and rapid-acting insulin pen caps, Bigfoot Meter, and FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor

    With Bigfoot Unity the person with diabetes gets a set of connected devices to: 

    • Monitor glucose continuously and give readings on demand without fingersticks.
    • Do the math for the person with diabetes to determine the correction and meal doses recommended by the health care professional.
    • Allow the person with diabetes to see glucose ranges and insulin dose information directly on their mobile phone. 
    • Provide capability for alerts when glucose is low. 
    • Help remember when the person with diabetes took their last insulin dose.

    Indications for Use: 

    • Persons with Diabetes: Type 1 or Type 2   
    • Prescribed Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) -Basal Insulin (once daily long-acting) + Bolus Insulin (mealtime rapid-acting) 
    • ≥12 years old  

    April 27, 2023

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