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CeQur Simplicity from CeQur

CeQur Simplicity is designed to revolutionize insulin delivery by providing a convenient, discreet and injection free solution to insulin delivery. The 3-day bolus wearable device is FDA cleared for adults requiring mealtime or correction doses of insulin.  CeQur Simplicity has been clinically tested to lower A1C and improve time-in-range results.

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Device Type:
Insulin Patch
Reusable Disposable:
Medicine Type:

Novolog or Humalog

Insulin Type:
Rapid Acting
Dose Delivery:

2 units

Largest Dose Possible:
2 units
Total Capacity:

200 units

Memory Function:
Audible Click:
Assistive Dexterity Issue Options:

Insurance Coverage

CeQur Simplicity is covered on most commercial and Medicare Part D insurance plans as a pharmacy benefit. In plans where CeQur Simplicity is covered, two-thirds of patients have a co-pay of $75 or less a month. Individual plans and pharmacy benefits vary by patient, call CeQur for details.

Manufacturer Programs

Other Programs

  • Delivers a 2-unit dose with every squeeze of the buttons.
  • Small, flexible cannula for insulin delivery.
  • Low profile and soft corners for comfort.
  • Water-resistant and stays on through bathing, exercise, intimacy, and sleep.
  • Holds up to 200 units of rapid-acting insulin with a minimum of 100 units.
  • Bolus-only patch complements existing basal insulin therapy.
  • Clinically tested yielding a 1.7% decrease in A1C and a 50% improvement in time-in-range after 24 weeks.
  • Both people with diabetes and healthcare providers preferred CeQur Simplicity over the previous insulin delivery device.
  • The CeQur Simplicity Patient Starter Kit includes:
    • Two CeQur Simplicity™ patches
    • Reusable Inserter, only included in the starter kit*
    • Quick Start Guide

January, 2023

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