The first FDA-cleared Smart Insulin Pen (SIP), InPen offers dosing support with the convenience and low cost of an insulin pen paired to an integrated diabetes management app.

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There are three different ways to calculate insulin doses using the InPen app:

  • Fixed Dosing
  • Meal Estimation
  • Carbohydrate Counting

Click the link for directions on using the Dose Calculator 

Device Type:
Smart Pen
Reusable Disposable:
Medicine Type:

Lilly Humalog® U-300 ml and Novo Nordisk Novolog® and Fiasp® U-100 3.0 mL pre-filled insulin cartridges.

Insulin Type:
Rapid Acting
Dose Delivery:

0.5 Units

Largest Dose Possible:
30 units
Total Capacity:

300 units

Memory Function:
Audible Click:
Assistive Dexterity Issue Options:

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  • Indicated for ages 7 and older, or under the supervision of an adult caregiver.
  • Tracks active insulin, differentiates prime from therapeutic doses and based on individualized insulin therapy settings, recommends meal and correction doses across the full multiple daily insulin spectrum from fixed meal dosing, adjusting meal dose based on relative meal size and carbohydrate counting.  
  • Notifies users of missed doses, expired insulin, and when insulin has exceeded safe temperatures.
  • Users can send integrated reports directly from the app by fax, email or share capability to the care team remotely providing visibility into dosing decisions to help optimize the insulin regimen and facilitating a virtual care model.

March 2023

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