Accu-Chek Solo Micropump

Awaiting U.S. Release

The tube free Micropump system includes a tubeless insulin pump and a wireless handheld controller with wireless Bluetooth connectivity. 

The system is able to bolus via the diabetes manager handset or by the quick bolus buttons on the pump. Standard bolus, quick bolus, extended bolus, multi-wave bolus options are available options. 

The Solo micropump modular design, allows the user to change the infusion site without wasting insulin or the micropump itself.  This design allows the user to detach the micropump, change the infusion assembly and reattach.

Automatic Correction Boluses:
Closed Loop Functionality:
Calibration Not Required:

IP22: Protected from water spray less than 15 degrees from vertical.

Medicare Covered:
NA yet
Remote Software Update Capability:
Multiple Languages:
Food Database:
Additional Features:

    Micropump Benefits and Features:

    • Tube-free, reliable, small and light
    • Modular design to detach and reattach the micropump without wasting insulin
    • Reusable high quality pump base, can be used for up to 120 days
    • Quick bolus buttons for direct bolus delivery to the pump
    • Reservoir for up to 200 units, lasts up to four days
    • Compatible with the U100 insulins Humalog, NovoLog, NovoRapid, Apidra and Fiasp. 
    • Transparent reservoir for checking the insulin level and detecting air bubbles
    • 2 different cannula lengths with different insertion depths as required
    • Customizable increments (0.2 to 2 units per press) with the quick bolus button
    • Flexibility to choose where to place the system from four possible infusion sites 
    • “Pen-therapy mode” to allow for temporary switches to an insulin pen without losing data

    Size Weight:
    6.1 cm height, 3.8 cm width, 1.3 cm depth. Micropump with filled reservoir <29 g
    Approved For Ages:
    Indicated for ages 2 years and up
    1.4 V zinc-air battery for internal power supply
    Reservoir Capacity:
    Maximum: 200 units Minimum: 80 units
    Infusion Set:
    Pod has self-contained infusion set
    Basal Range:

    Minimum: 0.1 U / h
    Maximum: 25.0 U / h

    Basal rate increments:

    0.1 U up to under 5.0 U: increments of 0.01 units
    5.0 U up to under 25.0 U: increments of 0.1 units

    Temporary Basal Rate: 0–90% for basal rate reductions and 110–250% for basal rate increases in increments of 10%
    The duration is adjustable in 15-minute increments for a time period of up to 24 hours
    Up to 5 individual TBRs can be programmed

    Bolus Range:
    Bolus Amount: Minimum: 0.2 units Maximum: 50 units,
    Transmitter Range:
    At least 1.5 meters (line of sight)


    Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Monitor

    There is no date for US availability for the Accu-Chek Solo Pump as of yet. 

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