Uploading Insulin Pump Data

A guide to patient insulin pump device data uploading in preparation for telehealth visits.

ADCES Staff with Contributor: Jeremy Hodson Pettus MD Assistant Professor of Medicine Division of Endocrinology UC, San Diego

Content Reviewer: Kristine Kilen, RD, CDCES Billings Clinic 


How to Upload Insulin Pump Data for Providers

The review of data from wearables and connected devices is an important part of the telehealth/virtual visit for the person with diabetes (PWD) and their health care provider. This resource guide provides an overview to assist the person with diabetes to upload their personal data from insulin pumps in preparation for a visit with their health care provider.


Medtronic MiniMed and Guardian


Sharing your device report from a computer using CareLink:

Go through these instructions to review how to set up a CareLink account and then download the device report on a computer. This will allow the data report to be shared with health care provider.

The health care provider will request a patient provider CareLink username and password. This will allow a link from the personal account to the health care provider's professional account via cloud. Each time an upload of device using the USB link, the PWD will be able to view reports, and once accounts are linked, the health care provider will also be able to view all uploaded data.

  1. Create personal CareLink account here by selecting "Sign Up Now."
  2. Watch this video to learn how to download the CareLink software to your computer.
  3. Watch this video to learn how to upload your data. 
  4. For written step-by-step instructions, use the CareLink Personal Software Quick Start Guide. 

Find Carelink software here.

If you need additional support, contact the 24-hour Medtronic Helpline for CareLink support at 1-800-646-4633, Extension 21103.


Omnipod and Ominpod DASH

How to share your pump report with your health care provider

Ominipod and Ominpod DASH use Glooko to view and share data.

Watch a video overview

Steps overview:

  1. Create a Glooko account at A ProConnect code should be obtained from the health care provider and entered at setup, so data can be automatically shared with health care provider at download time.
  2. Download the Glooko app (uploader) to your computer, and connect Omnipod device with USB cable to upload data.
  3. Download the Glooko app to your mobile device:
    • Android can Sync, View and Share data
    • iPhone can View and Share upload data

Download Omnipod instructions (PDF)

Download Omnipod DASH instructions (PDF)

You can reach the 24-hour Omnipod/lnsulet Helpline at 1-800-591-3455.

You can reach the 24-hour Glooko Helpline at 1-800-206-6601


Tandem t:slim

How to share your pump report with your health care provider

Sharing your pump report from your computer using t:connect:

Go through these instructions to review how to set up a t:connect account, and then download the insulin pump report on a computer. This will allow the insulin pump report to be shared with your health care provider.

  1. Watch this video to learn about the t:connect application.
  2. Go to the t:connect website to start the process and click "Get Started."
  3. Download the t:connect software to your computer.
  4. Create your t:connect personal account and upload your pump.

For written step-by-step instructions, use the t:connect Getting Started Guide and User Guide.

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