Infusion Set Teaching Checklist

The 10 topics you need to cover.


Author: ADCES Staff. Supported by an educational grant from BD.

PDF Download: Insulin Teaching/Optimization Checklist


Updated: February 26, 2024



Infusion Set Instruction & Optimization

There are many details to remember when providing comprehensive infusion set instruction and optimization. This reference lists all the topics to ensure your client or patient has the information they need to be successful. 


Topic #1: Insulin infusion Set Selection 

Appropriateness of: 

  • Cannula material 
  • Cannula length 
  • Insertion angle  
  • Tubing length 
  • Mode of insertion 
  • Disconnect mechanism 


 Topic #2: Site Selection  

  • Palpate and inspect injection sites for lipodystrophy 
  • Review site selection 
  • Review rotation (different body parts) 


 Topic #3: Insertion Technique 

  • Manual insertion 

  • Device-aided insertion 

  • Caregiver training 


Topic #4: Priming 

  • Detecting air in tubing
  • Purging air from tubing
  • Cannula priming 
  • Steel needle (0.0u) New Insulin Delivery Recommendations – suggest smallest length cannula to avoid IM insertion
    • 6mm cannula (0.3u) 
    • 8mm cannula (0.4u) 
    • 9mm cannula (0.5u) 
    • 10mm cannula (.6u) 
    • 13mm cannula (0.7u) 
    • 17mm cannula (.7u) 


Topic #5. Disconnection Guidelines (if indicated – not necessary with “patch” pump) 

  • Duration, frequency limits 

  • Hourly insulin replacement via bolus 

  • Sterility of site and tubing connector 

  • Do not remove insulin cartridge from chamber or separate tubing from cartridge while connected 

  • Always disconnect at infusion set hub 


Topic #6: Site Change Frequency

  • Optimal: every 48 hours 
  • As tolerated: up to 72 hours 


Topic #7: Skin Health  

  • Site preparation 

  • Signs of infection, scarring, irritation, sensitivity 

  • Skin care after set removal 

  • When to contact health care team 


Topic #8: Troubleshooting  

  • Occlusions (silent or alarm activated) 

  • Blood in the cannula/tubing 

  • Adhesion issues 

  • Pain/irritation/infection 

  • Leakage of insulin 

  • Unexplained hyperglycemia 

  • Ketone testing procedure, response to ketones 

  • When to contact diabetes care team 


Topic #9: Sharps Disposal (per local guidelines) 


And Topic #10: Reorders  

  • Who to contact   

  • Order frequency  

  • Number IIS/mo 

  • Number of reservoirs/mo 



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