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BD Diabetes Care App from BD

The BD™ Diabetes Care App is an educational and lifestyle tool designed to help people with diabetes set behavioral goals. It provides personalized resources and expert content consistent with DSMES and ADA Practice Standards, developed for a variety of learning styles. The app extends the efforts of providers between office visits by connecting patients to in-home support and education.

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Nutrition analysis:
Fitness tracking:
Device Specific:
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Insulin dosing:
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FDA & Regulatory:
As of version 2.4, the app is not regulated by the FDA or other governing bodies.
No outcomes can be shared at this time, however clinical trials are currently in progress.
Data Sharing:
The app does not currently integrate or share data with HCPs. However, the app has a Personal Data Report feature where a user can create a report of recorded data to share with their HCP(s) or caregivers.
Platforms & Modalitiy:
iPhone and Android devices.
Security & Privacy:
The app is compliant with privacy requirements in the United States.
Cost & Payment:
The app is free and available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It can be downloaded and used by a patient without the need for a prescription or license from a hospital or health system.
More Details:

The BD™ Diabetes Care App offers:

  • Curated low literacy lifestyle and diabetes content, personalized to the individual and consistent with DSME and ADA Practice Guidelines.
  • Problem-solving insights from blood sugar, physical activity, and injection logbook entries.
  • Nutritional guidance and healthy recipes with nutritional content.
  • Emotional support and skill development for people living with diabetes.
  • Behavioral goal setting and reminders.
  • Help in navigating common health insurance questions.
  • Variety of learning experiences:  videos, tutorials, and articles.

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