Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Program Implementation Playbook

2024 CGM Personal and Professional Playbook Chapters & Resources

Introduction to the Personal & Professional CGM Implementation Playbook

Continuous glucose monitoring is a tool that can help to optimize diabetes management. CGMs can be a gamechanger for the person living with diabetes and can lead to improved diabetes self-management. With the right guidance, providers in any practice, large or small, specialized or general, can incorporate Personal & Professional CGM into their practice and offer this potentially game-changing tool for persons living with diabetes and we'll show you how with this step-by-step approach.

WHO IS THIS PLAYBOOK WRITTEN FOR? This Playbook is for primary care providers, pharmacists and diabetes care and education specialists who have an interest in implementing Personal CGM in their practices.

HOW WILL THIS PLAYBOOK BENEFIT ME? Implementation of an efficient and effective Personal CGM Program can initially feel complicated and confusing. The Playbook is designed to help you successfully implement Personal CGM into your practice.

HOW DO I UTILIZE THIS PLAYBOOK? The Playbook is organized into multiple sections that will assist you in your journey to implement Personal CGM into your practice.

Section 1: Introduction to CGMs

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