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Insulin pumps and automated insulin delivery (AID) systems continue to revolutionize glucose management. The current data indicate there are over 1 million people with diabetes on insulin pump therapy worldwide. Diabetes practitioners play an integral role in helping users achieve success in the use of insulin pump therapy, which has been demonstrated to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life.  Find & compare all insulin & medicine delivery devices

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Insulin Simulator Tool

The Insulin Simulator from Lilly is an interactive tool that lets health care professionals (HCPs) create and evaluate insulin regimens for hypothetical patients with varied characteristics. The simulator is designed to help HCPs understand the impact of different insulin doses on blood glucose values. Supported by Lilly.

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Access the insulin simulator tool and begin exploring the impact of treatment choices on glycemic metrics for hypothetical patients

Connected Insulin Pen Toolkit

The Connected Insulin Pen (CIP) Toolkit from Lilly is a collection of resources designed to support health care professionals in implementing CIPs into their practice. The Toolkit includes hypothetical patient videos, a tip sheet to standardize the interpretation of CIP reports, and an infographic to guide integration of CIPs into office workflow. Supported by Lilly.


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