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An app- based interface for smart tracking with integrated devices & supplies across the mySugr ecosystem. Features include all user data in one place, Intuitive logging with a colorful, user-friendly interface and motivational reminders and digital logging for
easier diabetes management

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Comprehensive Diabetes Management:
Journal: Glucose & Meal Tracking:
Nutrition analysis:
Fitness tracking:
Device Specific:
Medical Profile Storage:
Insulin dosing:
Education :
CGM Companion App:
For ADCESs & Healthcare:
Remote Patient Monitoring:
Data Management Platforms:
HIPAA Compliant Virtual Visit Platforms:
Insulin dosing in Hospital:

Trials have shown a significant impact on blood glucose control. For example, users who consistently log with the mySugr App reduced eHBA1c by 1.3%. *(High risk Type1 population). In an independent group of People with Type 1 diabetes (IDDM), the retention of active mySugr users was measured at 88% over a 12 week period. Over the following 28 weeks, measured retention of same users: 70%. *More details about these outcomes as well as additional studies can be found at:
Data Sharing:
The functionality to share information is built into product via the mySugr reports which can be shared with caregivers, HCPs, or others. mySugr reports are available in PDF, csv and excel.
Platforms & Modalitiy:
Available on compatible iOS and Android smart phones
Security & Privacy:
mySugr adheres to the strictest of data protection standards in the field. For more information, please visit:
Cost & Payment:
mySugr Logbook (Basic version: free, Pro version: $2.99/month) mySugr Bundle (Test Strips, Logbook, Coaching: $49.99/month) mySugr Integrated Diabetes Management (Dependent on Insurer/Health System/Employer) Yes, a patient can use on his/her own. No Rx or license required.
More Details:
Logging of all diabetes relevant data + other related fields
  • Iintegrated connected devices via bluetooth include: blood glucose meter, weight scale, blood pressure cuff
  • Data synchronization via Apple Health (CGM, blood glucose, carbohydrate, activity, etc) and Google Fit
  • Customized data analysis and pattern identification
  • Unlimited test strip supplies sent directly to your home
  • Coaching with a certified diabetes educator
  • Data reports in different formats: CSV, PDF & Excel
  • Challenges to motivate active diabetes self-management
  • Tags to add context to logbook entries (incl. meals, sick day, exercise, stress, etc…)
  • Insulin dosage calculator (EU only, available soon in USA)
  • Pictures can be added to each log entry (food, activity)
  • Smart search (such as food type)
  • Blood glucose reminders
  • Multi-device synchronization

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