Dexcom G6 Pro

Dexcom G6 Pro from Dexcom, Inc

Dexcom G6 Pro is a practice-owned diabetes management tool with the accuracy of the personal Dexcom G6 CGM System, allowing patients to view real-time data (in unblinded mode) and healthcare providers (HCPs) to view retrospective data about patients’ glucose patterns over a 10-day period.

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Sensor Duration:
10 days
Warmup Time:
2 hours
Approved For Children:
Indicated for 2 years and older
Fingerstick Calibration Required:
No fingersticks required (however, if glucose alerts and readings from this device do not match symptoms or expectations, users are advised to use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions).
Customizable Alerts Alarms:
In unblinded mode only, the app will configure to offer basic features, such as glucose data, event entry, high and low alerts, and the Urgent Low alarm. Advanced features, such as Share/Follow, fast rise/fall rate alerts, and alert schedules are not supported in Dexcom G6 Pro. 
Overall 9% MARD
Covered By Medicare:
Recommended Placement:
Abdomen (indicated for patients age 2 years and older) or the upper buttocks (ages 2-17 years)
Additional Details:
  • Reader for G6Pro: HCP use only to check system status before patient leaves and uploads transmitter data after sensor session is over and transmitter is returned to the office. 
  • One-touch insertion applicator and auto-start transmitter
  • Single-use, disposable sensor
  • Available in blinded or unblinded mode
  • Real-time alerts (in unblinded mode)
  • Dexcom G6 Pro offers dosing decisions based on CGM information, when both a number and arrow are shown
  • Not susceptible to acetaminophen
  • Device compatible with multiple Apple IOS and Android devices
  • No finger sticks are required but if glucose alerts and readings from Dexcom G6 do not match symptoms or expectations, users are advised to use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions

HCP Information

Patient Information

  • Contact
  • Order Your Dexcom
  • Phone Support 1-877-339-2664. The Dexcom CAREline is for practitioners and Dexcom users. During business hours, choose the Education and Training option to speak with a diabetes educator who can answer questions. A technical support option is available 24/7 at this same number.


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