Omnipod® 5 System

Omnipod® 5 System from Insulet

The Omnipod® 5 System is a tubeless automated insulin delivery (AID System). Every 5 minutes the system automatically increases, decrease or pauses insulin delivery based on readings from a compatible CGM system.  It includes the tubeless and waterproof Omnipod 5 Pod, the Omnipod 5 App, and a compatible CGM system. The Omnipod 5 Pod can be worn almost anywhere insulin is injected. Each Pod lasts up to 3 days (72 hours)

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Activity Settings:
Yes. Changes target glucose to 150 mg/dL and reduces automated insulin delivery for duration specified, 1-24 hours.
Automatic Correction Boluses:
Closed Loop Functionality:
Automatic Insulin Adjustments:
Yes. Adjusts insulin delivery proactively using the customizable glucose target. Delivers insulin doses every 5 minutes. See the Omnipod HCP website for specifics.
Calibration Not Required:
Compatible CGM:

Dexcom G6


Yes. The Pod has an IP28 waterproof rating. This international standard means that the Pod has been tested to function normally as deep as 25 feet below the water surface for up to 60 minutes. The controller is NOT waterproof.

Medicare Covered:
Remote Software Update Capability:
Multiple Languages:
Yes. English and Spanish
Bolus Management Smartphone:
Yes. if mobile phone is compatible with Omnipod 5 app (see Omnipod website for compatibility). Otherwise, bolus from Omnipod 5 Controller
Food Database:
Additional Features:

  • Simple to set up and detail with patients
  • Pharmacy orders simplify prescribing
  • Insulet clinicians available for initial and ongoing support
  • Quick access to patient data with Insulet Provided Glooko via automatic upload of data enabled by the pre-paid SIM card available in the Controller, or by personal cellular or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Intuitive screen navigation and quick treatment modifications
  • Omnipod® 5 is the only system to incorporate CGM value AND trend into the SmartBolus Calculator

Size Weight:
Pod size: 1.53 in x 2.05 in x 0.57 in Weight: 0.92 oz (26 grams) PDM size: 5.67 in x 2.66 in x 0.49 in Weight: 5.82 oz (165 grams)
Approved For Ages:
Indicated for ages 2 years and up
Rechargeable Li-ion battery, 3.8V, 2800 mAh
Reservoir Capacity:
85 to 200 units of U-100 NovoLog®, Humalog®, and Admelog®.
Infusion Set:
Pod has self-contained infusion set
Basal Range:

Increments: min of 0.05 U/h to max of 30 units per hour

Bolus Range:
0.05 units - 30 units
Transmitter Range:
Range up to 5 feet

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