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Modular Medical submits MODD1 insulin pump for FDA clearance

Feb 20, 2024
Modular Medical, Inc. has submitted its MODD1 next-generation insulin pump for FDA clearance, aiming to revolutionize the diabetes market with user-friendly and affordable technology. Chairman Paul DiPerna highlights the company's goal of encouraging wider adoption of insulin pumps by simplifying design and reducing costs.

Modular Medical, an insulin delivery technology company, has taken a significant step by submitting its MODD1 insulin pump for FDA clearance, aimed at enhancing diabetes management for patients.

Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Paul DiPerna, highlights the importance of this milestone, noting that despite nearly three decades since the first insulin pump introduction, a significant portion of potential users still do not utilize this technology. The MODD1 aims to simplify diabetes management without the complexity and expense of current solutions, making it accessible for those who have been hesitant to adopt pump technology.

CEO Jeb Besser emphasizes the pump's simplicity, affordability, and user-friendly design, aiming to address common barriers to pump adoption such as complexity and cost. The company plans to expand its regulatory efforts to obtain clearance for the UK market while preparing for commercial launch in collaboration with manufacturing partners.

Additionally, Modular Medical has previously collaborated with Glooko to integrate technology platforms, enhancing data accessibility for clinicians and patients within the diabetes care system.

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