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AADE 11: There’s an app for that!!

Aug 4, 2011, 05:00 AM

Sadly, I won't get to attend this year's Annual Meeting in person, but I will be participating in the Virtual Meeting, and sharing my thoughts with you here on the blog! While I was checking out the different technologies that are being used at the conference, I ran across the AADE11 Mobile App.

Do you have a smartphone? I have an iPhone and love it :) I am able to check my email, look up things on the internet, and play with my apps any time of the day. This year, there is an AADE 11 Annual Meeting application. Gone are the days of lugging around the exhibitor map, schedule of the day, and description of sessions- it’s all in the app. I can remember several annual meetings where I am getting ready to go to my next session, following the crowd, and then stop and ask myself, “What room was that again?” Then I have to find my schedule and map and figure out which room I was headed to and how to get there.

With the AADE 11 app, just select “Add to Agenda” when you are browsing sessions and you can create a personalized schedule for the day. This way, you can reference your schedule for the day at any point and see the times and locations. There’s also a feature where you can see special events.

For those who love the exhibits but get overwhelmed by the exhibitor floor (which is very easy to do), there is a button called “Here & Now.” It looks like you can just push the button and the GPS tracker on your smartphone can find you on the map and help you navigate. Or you can click on an exhibitor and click “ set as destination” or “set as start” and it will draw you a map from your current location to the destination exhibitor. Genius! There have been so many times when talking to an colleague in passing they try to describe the location of a booth and I run off looking for it and find myself distracted with a different new product or teaching tool. This app allows me to look up the company and click the “Add to agenda” button so I make sure visit the booth.

In the app, you also have access to all the helpful info in the program book like local restaurants, updates, shuttle info, conference hours, etc. There’s also an “inbox” where you can see the AADE Daily News and Twitter Feed to keep you syncd by the minute with the latest news of the AADE Annual Meeting. Wow!

To download the FREE app:

  • Text “AADE App” to 80802. You will receive a text message reply with a link to download the AADE mobile application (This shortcode option is only available through U.S. operators.)
  • Enter into your mobile browser to then start your download. Standard data rates may apply. App requires the use of minimal space on your mobile device.
  • For iphone users: Go to itunes on your phone or on your computer and just search for AADE and it comes up. (This is what I did and it downloads in seconds!)

Then once you have it, you will just need to log into your account to actually build your personalized agenda and to use the some of the features.

Now we just need a feature to schedule a foot massage at the end of the day! I’d love to hear your impression of the app once you have downloaded it and which features you are most excited about using. :)

If you are onsite at the Annual Meeting, let me know how it's going!

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