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This is the official blog of the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists where we share recent research and professional opinions on diabetes care and education.


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If you're looking for professional opinions on diabetes care and education, you're in the right place. Perspectives on Diabetes Care is the official ADCES® diabetes care and education blog that shares helpful views on diabetes care and education. 

This is where you'll find practical tips on working with people affected by prediabetes, diabetes and related cardiometabolic conditions and the latest research and viewpoints on issues facing diabetes care and education specialists and the people they serve.



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White papers – how helpful they can be!

Apr 2, 2013, 05:00 AM

There are so many resources to review and use for diabetes educators, I sometimes find myself feeling so overwhelmed with information that I’m not sure how to sort through it all.  Recently, while waiting for another plane to take me to yet another destination, I was browsing through the AADE website under “Practice Documents” and I clicked on the "White Papers" and started reading. 

What a wonderful place to find well-written, scientifically-based information on topics so important to diabetes educators.  This is an area that Ruth Lipman, PhD, AADE’s chief science and practice officer, mentioned in her recent article, “Practice Documents,” in the January issue of AADE in Practice.

One click and I had information on selecting infusion sets from experts in the field that are non-biased and complete on date of publication.  There may be more recent information, but I can merely add it to this wonderful, clear summary.  The types of infusion sets are well-placed in an easy-to-read table.  There is a discussion on steel infusion sets vs. plastic, cannula and tubing lengths, infusion set angles, infusion sets that twist-off, unclip on the side and disconnect along the tubing with a tail.

Another white paper examines ways to incorporate community healthcare workers into a multi-level diabetes program.  This paper includes a lively discussion on the numbers of patients to care for and the impossibility of doing so with only a highly skilled (mid-level and above) workforce.  Something we as educators often do not want to hear (Will they take our place?).  So perhaps an even more essential read for that reason.

We all have our favorites.  But, I will certainly pay more attention when the next email comes stating there is a recent white paper that is now available for our use.  I encourage you to click and see as well!

What are your favorite resources to keep up updated on the science of diabetes education? 

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