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Find a COI that Matches Your Interest

Apr 22, 2014, 01:00 AM

Do you remember AADE’s Specialty Practice Groups (SPGs)? If so, you have been a member of AADE for more than four years. That is when SPGs transitioned to Communities of Interest (COIs). MY AADE NETWORK was in its infancy, Coordinating Bodies (CBs) and Local Networking Groups (LNGs) had just gotten started, and COIs were born. A major change at the time was the initiation of “unified dues” for your AADE membership. Do you remember paying your AADE dues and then choosing between SPGs that you wanted to join because there was an additional fee for each? You may have been interested in many different SPGs, but had to choose to avoid breaking the bank.

Then came “unified dues.”  One price for your membership with full access to all COIs (as well as any CBs and LNGs).  The name, Communities of Interest, was chosen to let members know that you didn’t have to be an expert in a specialty area of practice; you just had to be interested.  People often only belonged to an SPG that they had much knowledge in, with the membership of an SPG basically “preaching to the choir.”  AADE wanted more members to have access to the knowledge of our peers in various practice areas.  Now, though I specialize in physical activity and belong to the Physical Activity COI, I get to learn from those in other areas such as Diabetes Technology, Disabilities, Pharmacy, and Plant-based Nutrition for Diabetes.  If I have a question in one of those areas, I can post it and get some great answers.  And, though I work in an outpatient diabetes practice and am a subscriber of the Office and Clinic-Based COI, I gain information about Inpatient Management, Home Health Care, and Public Health. 

Now, there are three new Practice Area Discussion Groups to learn from and participate in: Diabetes Prevention, Behavior Change/Mental Health and Young Adults with Diabetes.  These new groups are the first stage in the formation process for a new COI.  Once there is good activity/discussion/sharing of information, a Practice Area Discussion Group can become a full-fledged COI.  So, be part of the process. Go to MY AADE NETWORK, sign in, and go to for the complete list of COIs and Practice Area Discussion Groups.  Once on the page for a group, you will see a description and boxes to “Subscribe.” Click on the boxes and you are in! 

Here are quick links to subscribe to the discussions and announcements for the new Practice Area Discussion Groups:

Behavioral/Mental Health

Diabetes Prevention

Young Adults with Diabetes

With any of the groups, you can choose how to get in the discussion. 

Do you prefer to get the discussions as soon as they are posted or once a day?  Go to your MY AADE NETWORK page, under your personal user information, choose “My Subscriptions,” and pick “Immediate Email” or “Summary Digest” (once a day). While you are there, add your photo if you haven’t yet. 

Then, be active in the groups.  Read the posts, ask questions, learn from the experts or provide your expertise!  There has already been some great activity in the groups so join in!