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Continuous Quality Improvement for Diabetes Education and Support Programs, 3rd Edition

Processes such as continuous quality improvement (CQI) help health care providers gauge the change within defined settings to ensure consistent high-level clinical and professional practices. This CQI workbook guides diabetes education and support program staff through each step in CQI process.

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A must-have for DSME&S program managers and staff!   CQI for Diabetes Education and Support Programs provides the context for CQI in DSME&S programs while stepping you through the process of selecting, implementing and evaluating an effective CQI project.  Case studies provide examples of projects relevant to DSME&S programs. Appendices include worksheets to use in your planning process, an easy-to-understand review of analytic tools and methods to incorporate into your project, and a quick comparison of the distinctions between a CQI process and a research process to keep your project focused and on track. 


Chapter 1: CQI and the United States Healthcare System

Chapter 2: CQI and Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support

Chapter 3: The CQI Process

Chapter 4: Case Studies

 Appendix I: The CQI Process and the Research Process

 Appendix II: Analytic Tools and Methods

 Appendix III: Application to Your Practice Worksheets